High-Standard Hunting Gear

See to it that you are prepared for your next outdoor expedition. Drop by E-Z Livin in Milan, IL! We have hunting gear from Hunter Specialties, Primos, Allen, Wildlife Research, Robinson (ScentBlocker), Mrs. Doe Pee, and other reputable brands. Moreover, we are the only Redneck Blind dealer within the 75-mile radius of our location!

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Your Partners in Responsible Hunting

We have experienced archers and bow hunters who can help you select the appropriate archery equipment for your needs. Moreover, we have onsite experts who can provide you with technical advice in archery.

For complete information on the rules and seasons for hunting, fishing, and trapping in IL, visit the official website of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

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Learn more about the ins and outs of hunting. Contact us today! You may also reach out to us to request details about the products we carry.